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Matt Hanson is watch collector specialising in Longines, having become obsessed because of the rich history of the brand.

The Longines Heritage Classic

Matt Hanson is watch collector specialising in Longines, having become obsessed because of the rich history of the brand. He has become an encyclopaedia of knowledge and has built a following of nearly 20,000 on Instagram as a result. Matt’s in-depth understanding of the brand enables him to talk about the brand’s history with a personal touch, with absolute authenticity. Matt’s episode takes place in Kensington, an area of London with a deep and long stretching history. It focusses on heritage and why that’s so important to both him and the brand.

 “The history and heritage of Longines is something that astounds me, the longevity of it. Having existed, producing watches through some of the most poignant moments in time, there’s something so special about that. I love collecting these watches for that very reason, you’re collecting small pieces of history. The Longines Heritage Classic is something that remains aesthetically true to the brand’s past, bringing it to the modern day collector. The fact that each of these historically relevant pieces will now go and form new stories with people around the world is exciting to me; that’s really what this hobby is all about.”

With a streamlined design, this new creation perfectly respects the 1930s spirit of the piece that inspired it


In this spirit, The Longines Heritage Classic is driven by a new, exclusive calibre (L893.5), featuring a silicon balance spring. This self-winding mechanical movement, especially developed for the pieces of the Heritage line, does not carry the date and enables the small seconds display to be located under the central axis for a design that is even closer to that of the historical pieces. The watch is also distinctive for the diameter of its stainless steel case: 38.50 mm, a contemporary dimension that reflects the elegant pieces of the 1930s.


To perfect this exceptional model, a blue or semi-matte black leather strap with beige overstitching adorns the case. These two variations are respectively completed by a denim-effect leather NATO strap of an anthracite or blue colour. A tool provided with each model makes it possible to easily interchange them on a whim.


With The Longines Heritage Classic, the winged hourglass brand once again illustrates its ability to honour its past and to add a new timepiece to the Heritage line that will thrill Longines lovers.

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The Longines Heritage Classic
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